Time puts a cigarette in our mouths

Abandoned Cinema

It once has been a cinema and now it smells of pigeon muck and bent metal.

When I was young, we went to the place and bought popcorn where now all kind of waste is dropped.

Inside, derelictions dwells on broken glass.

Outside, rose hips take back the staircases.


25 Gedanken zu „Time puts a cigarette in our mouths

    • Hi Eelco, yes the architecture is interesting and not really typical for the city. It was built next to the river and maybe inspired by it…who knows. I reckon that it will get demolished soon for the premise must be worth a lot of money (and in the end, everything revolves around finances, ain’t it so?) Anyhow, I wish you a lovely day and thank you for taking time to comment!

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  1. I like this. It reminds me of the cinema I used to go to as a kid – some great memories there.
    That too sat disused for months if not years until the funds were found to bring it back to life, still as a cinema but with comfy arm chairs, sofas and a bar. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It’s such a shame to see places we remember as full of life looking so derelict. I hope it gets restored – it’s a beautiful building. I love the title of this post. I reminds me of a David Bowie song (Rock n Roll Suicide). 🙂

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  3. So very sad and wasteful…a lovely building with memories for many. We humans are not so bright as we might think.
    I wrote a post about a place that was undergoing renovation once again: willowwritesweb.wordpress.com/2016/10/17/memory-of-place-and-space/
    in case you want to have a look.
    Love your photos. Are you in Germany?

    Gefällt mir

      • Thanks for the read…I’m afraid I hit a wrong button and your comment on my post went in the trash. 😦
        I don’t know how to get it out…it was a lovely comment. I write so many varied types of posts so hopefully you will find more that you find appealing. And, I will learn how not to throw comments in the trash 🙂
        Have a lovely day.

        Gefällt mir

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