Let me be your mirror, soul.

On a mild mid-march day’s afternoon,
(the blossom was yet to come)
many a selfie was taken.

a teddy was carried through the Namdaeum market
(and I think it was half his owner’s size)

and someone finished his lunch and was pretty satisfied with it.

While some shared with pigeons

others guarded fluffy pyjamas. I might have gotten one (or not, would you?)

In the evening
the weather cooled down
and I found beasts (plastic paked)

who would have known.



13 Gedanken zu „Let me be your mirror, soul.

  1. My Korean mother walked by, as I was admiring Korea via your eye.
    She hasn’t been back in many years and is a stoic woman . . . . I don’t want to see in tears.
    SO, with that I let her pass by, but it was the lunch photo that caught my eye.
    We stopped eating Kimchi, because my mother can’t eat rice anymore . . . . Rice and Kimchi are a comfort food and more.

    Just a warning, Type 2 diabetes can set in late, due to the carbs . . . . but the beauty of life isn’t found in food we eat! It’s love we share that’s really a treat.

    That was absolutely beautiful how you set it up! Very unique! I’ve never been there, but learned about her life there from photos dating back to her childhood during WWII, through the Korean War.

    My mother is very special to me, and Korea is a part of my life, I’ve determined I’ll never actually see.

    Thank you for sharing in your very special way!


  2. Oh my, thank you so very much for this comment. It made me think about so many things…about how fast it can go that the body changes and certain things become impossible (like enjoying your soul and comfort food because of an illness), about leaving home and finding a home somewhere else (but nevertheless carrying home with you. Everywhere.) about knowing and loving someone enough to prevent tears and about how much details lies in the world…even in the smallest bits.
    Korea was one of the most beautiful countries I was lucky to see and never before have a met people that lovely and caring.
    Maybe one day, against all determination, you’ll get the chance to travel your mother’s land:)
    I wish you and your mum all the best and am very thankful for your amiable comment.


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