We never deserved those lingering eyes.

crossing oxford street

It was a few days before Christmas that I took a walk in London.
The weather was neither cold nor warm (or at least I didn’t notice) but in the sky there were bubbles and the pavement was plastered with spat out chewing gums.

sleeping on the train

How long the night must have been. How short the night must have been. How sharp the underground lights sting the heavy eyes.

chalk farm vintage christmas jumpers

I didn’t care for a Christmas jumper. Although they were marvelous.

sweet pink christmas cake

And I didn’t care for a pink piece of cake (someone else already did – halfway that is).

camden market leopard

Then I met beautiful people at Camden Market. Psychedelic Rabbits and Leopards and Bare Ankles and all laced in gold.

Jesus is watching you

From behind the window sill I felt a tingle. It was the CCTV watching me.

Sleeping beauty on the train

And the train guided me into my nothingness, lulling us into sleep; the machine a sudden caring mother.

feeding hungry pidgeons

My last friends. They left stains and the impression of their feathery weight on my arm.

24 Gedanken zu „We never deserved those lingering eyes.

  1. Merry Christmas to you. May you find the care & attention you are seeking in that city Iris. The masses can’t see the woman of gold walking amidst them. You aren’t alone. You may feel alone. That’s okay. Take care. xo

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