Oslo // Stein und støv.

Kunstwerk zwischen den Bäumen. Zwei Körper, schwebend, aus glänzendem Metall. Sie umarmen sich so gut es geht, ihre Körper sind von Auswüchsen umwickelt.

Am Rande des freischwebenden Paars sitzen Vögel,

sie spiegeln sich im polierten Material,

es spiegelt sich die Sonne und

es spiegelt sich der Himmel.

Ich spiegle mich, bin aber zu weit weg, um mich selbst erkennen zu können.

Anders im Vigelandpark; der Stein schluckt alle Reflektionen in seiner weißen, sonnenerhitzten Ewigkeit. Mein Schatten berührt die Steinriesinnen, streicht über ihre weichen Gesichter und Bäuche und dann finde ich selbst meinen Platz zwischen ihnen.

Wie ein Junges bewacht, wieder einmal auf die eigene Vergänglichkeit gestoßen, aber sie tut gut, die Vergänglichkeit.

Alles andere wäre nicht zu ertragen.

Reprise my longing, dear old land.


When to Scotland, I came to admire the very beauty of tartan against a grey Scottish sky.

Smell my dried seaweed, the water was calling. Smell my salty breath, the wind chimed in.

I wandered off to see the sheep. Blackface sang a song about obstinacy and dandelion.

Then the land ended and sky became sea.

I hid away from the sun. The leaves scraped like abrasive tongues over my skin.

In the end, everything pointed me to the water. Away, away we go.


Let’s drown together


„You have to see the sunrise over Venice“, I was told. But there were clouds in sky.


But all in all, you don’t need a Palazzo

…and you don’t need the view from the Campanile di San Marco

…or canary birds on balconies,


you don’t need a sweeter sound than laundry drying in the wind

or a more spectacular smell then the remains of the Mercati di Rialto


if you just walk the remote lanes of the city, getting sooner or later inevitably lost.

We never deserved those lingering eyes.

crossing oxford street

It was a few days before Christmas that I took a walk in London.
The weather was neither cold nor warm (or at least I didn’t notice) but in the sky there were bubbles and the pavement was plastered with spat out chewing gums.

sleeping on the train

How long the night must have been. How short the night must have been. How sharp the underground lights sting the heavy eyes.

chalk farm vintage christmas jumpers

I didn’t care for a Christmas jumper. Although they were marvelous.

sweet pink christmas cake

And I didn’t care for a pink piece of cake (someone else already did – halfway that is).

camden market leopard

Then I met beautiful people at Camden Market. Psychedelic Rabbits and Leopards and Bare Ankles and all laced in gold.

Jesus is watching you

From behind the window sill I felt a tingle. It was the CCTV watching me.

Sleeping beauty on the train

And the train guided me into my nothingness, lulling us into sleep; the machine a sudden caring mother.

feeding hungry pidgeons

My last friends. They left stains and the impression of their feathery weight on my arm.

Basic Patterns of Derangement

roses tilbud
More attachment to a city
in its autumn heart I find not only the twilit cold
one could expect
at the end of October
but layered structures that seem to exist in the strangest places.

Walking Oslo once again I wish for more
eyes to notice
hands to feel
memory to not forget.

Take my rainy mind

bloom in the rain

As I walked through a friend’s garden,
I noticed autumn’s vanguard.

Funny, I thought.

There doesn’t seem to be anything more beautiful –

Rainy Pond

than September Rain on a goldfish pond

than rain coated tomatoes (that won’t get red any more)

than a tiny pool bordered by hibiscus petals

than sturdy blossoms awaiting the end of the year.

Just breathe on inconspicuously

Guess my thoughts, I say,
to myself (because there is no one else I could ask)
and I answer:

It would feel a little strange to be a Rumanian stray dog
in Constanța

but I could do worse,
chasing cars
chasing fleas
chasing my own shadow as long as there is a sun in the sky.


Intricacy of a simple thing.


Have you ever seen the peony’s bud?
It’s not much more than a tight oval.

But when the bud opens up,

the greatest petals
and carpels
and stigma

And while I inhaled the sweet rose’s scent
I couldn’t help but think that it’s a bit like the mind.

There is so much that the cranium
hides from the world.

You never


Try the pondering mind.

haeundae beach busan

I would spend 3000 ₩ on a pack of rice chips to feed the seagulls
and I would have their screams accompany me down the beach.

stone bridge

I would walk across to have a look on the other side (and maybe I would stay there.)

hills magnolia gyeongju

I would wait for the sun to set just to see the magnolia at nightfall (between burial mounds, it is death and short term life, as always.)

koi pond gyeongju

And I would be a Koi in cold pond water.

Tripping over a frozen day.

Sometimes when you take the road leading south
even in March
there is snow instead of yellow cornelia blossoms.

But you just have to zip up your spring jacket
and wrap your scarf around your neck for a second time.

Maybe tomorrow
there again
will be