From the inside, I am blinded

I came across a refuge dressed in turquoise tiles and dripping letters whilst debris grinded about the better times.

Tranquility, I thought, but it was a fallacy for the walls were talking to me.

Outside I found the replica of a forest right in a window’s joint.

And that is the cruelty of it all; time is unforgiving.

Let’s drown together


„You have to see the sunrise over Venice“, I was told. But there were clouds in sky.


But all in all, you don’t need a Palazzo

…and you don’t need the view from the Campanile di San Marco

…or canary birds on balconies,


you don’t need a sweeter sound than laundry drying in the wind

or a more spectacular smell then the remains of the Mercati di Rialto


if you just walk the remote lanes of the city, getting sooner or later inevitably lost.

Just breathe on inconspicuously

Guess my thoughts, I say,
to myself (because there is no one else I could ask)
and I answer:

It would feel a little strange to be a Rumanian stray dog
in Constanța

but I could do worse,
chasing cars
chasing fleas
chasing my own shadow as long as there is a sun in the sky.


Time puts a cigarette in our mouths

Abandoned Cinema

It once has been a cinema and now it smells of pigeon muck and bent metal.

When I was young, we went to the place and bought popcorn where now all kind of waste is dropped.

Inside, derelictions dwells on broken glass.

Outside, rose hips take back the staircases.


Have You Forsaken Me?

Doorbell abandoned

I never cared to take a look. But one day, on my way to work,

I peeped through the shattered window. And there,


was a small, dusted world, waiting to be kissed awake. (blink, blink and it may be gone)

Vilnius//Bilder der Vergänglichkeit

Vilnius Kirche

Schöner als das Glatte und Verputzte ist das, wo sich Risse öffnen und das Mauerwerk durchscheint. Wer will sich schon mit etwas beschäftigen müssen, das keine Rillen für die Aufmerksamkeit bietet. Mehr als sieben blankpolierte Kirchen ist die eine wert, in der sich die vergangenen Jahrhunderte roh abzeichnen.

Vilnius Kirche

Vilnius Kirche

Der Umkreis ist ebenso Fördermittelbefreit, wie das Innere und deswegen schön. Kein neuer Verputz, keine Versuche der renovierten Gleichmachung, nur Zeitstillstand und das Gefühl, der Gegenwart entkommen zu sein.

Vilnius Verfall

Vilnius Decay is beautiful