Neujahrsmüdigkeit in den Mundwinklen.

Karlskirche, davor ein zebrochenes Sektglas.

Neujahr in Scherben am Karlsplatz,
ein zackiger Sektflötenabgesang auf 2021.

In der Innenstadt gibt es Glück zu kaufen, schweinrosa.
Die guten Vorsätze können an Hufeisen gebunden werden. Oder an Rauchfangkehrer.

  • Auf Hoffnung hoffen.
  • ?
  • Ein Vorsatz reicht.

Rotweiß-rotweiß-rote Schräglage.
Es war einmal ein Licht,
tschak, finster.

Schon am Tag nach Weihnachten
sind wir Last Christmas überdrüssig,
schon am Tag nach Silvester
schmeckt der Punsch nur noch
nach eingefärbtem Zuckerwasser.
Schade, finde ich. Wham geht doch immer.

Sterne bleiben an meinen Sohlen kleben.
Ich streife sie ab und sie glimmen auf, sobald sie die Morgensonne erfasst.

Let’s drown together


„You have to see the sunrise over Venice“, I was told. But there were clouds in sky.


But all in all, you don’t need a Palazzo

…and you don’t need the view from the Campanile di San Marco

…or canary birds on balconies,


you don’t need a sweeter sound than laundry drying in the wind

or a more spectacular smell then the remains of the Mercati di Rialto


if you just walk the remote lanes of the city, getting sooner or later inevitably lost.

Basic Patterns of Derangement

roses tilbud
More attachment to a city
in its autumn heart I find not only the twilit cold
one could expect
at the end of October
but layered structures that seem to exist in the strangest places.

Walking Oslo once again I wish for more
eyes to notice
hands to feel
memory to not forget.

Intricacy of a simple thing.


Have you ever seen the peony’s bud?
It’s not much more than a tight oval.

But when the bud opens up,

the greatest petals
and carpels
and stigma

And while I inhaled the sweet rose’s scent
I couldn’t help but think that it’s a bit like the mind.

There is so much that the cranium
hides from the world.

You never


Probably it is all in your head.

The sun was out in the midmorning and I hope he found something interesting (probably a bug.)

I hope he will have someone to wrap his arms around when his heart gets heavy.

I hope everybody found their shoes again (or at least came to a mutual exchange)

and that he had a great day after all.

I hope they really liked the sound of flags in March wind

and that their next lives are going to be so much better.

I hope that he had all the right tools to fix what needed mending.

I hope we remember love.
I really do.