Try the pondering mind.

haeundae beach busan

I would spend 3000 ₩ on a pack of rice chips to feed the seagulls
and I would have their screams accompany me down the beach.

stone bridge

I would walk across to have a look on the other side (and maybe I would stay there.)

hills magnolia gyeongju

I would wait for the sun to set just to see the magnolia at nightfall (between burial mounds, it is death and short term life, as always.)

koi pond gyeongju

And I would be a Koi in cold pond water.

30 Gedanken zu „Try the pondering mind.

  1. Hallo, Iris! Thank you for visiting my blog! And I am enjoying discovering yours! So viele Reisetagebücher! 😀 I love where your pondering mind goes to…..especially the fun and noise of the seagulls, the bridge leading to where?…..and the secretive magnolia tree, and finally, yes, to be a koi in a pond. Wonderful pictures and enticing thoughts!


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